Guidance in Esoteric Training, by Rudolf Steiner
$ 22.00

Selected from material given by Rudolf Steiner to members of his Esoteric School (1904.1914), this volume features exercises, meditations, and practices for spiritual self-development. In contrast to Eastern methods of inner development, these arise from the Western, Rosicrucian stream, adapted fully to modern consciousness.Various exercises are given-for morning and evening, for the days of the week, and for the months of the year.

Also included are numerous explanations that can deepen and enhance meditative work, including several articles on inner development and the obstacles one faces on the way to true self-awareness.This enlarged edition contains additional clarification of the exercises, descriptions of future world and human evolution, and advice that Steiner gave later in his life on the nature of breathing exercises and ancient and modern methods of initiation.This is an invaluable resource for all those who are serious about inner development, regardless of one's chosen path.