Grandfather twilight, by Barbara Helen Berger
$ 17.99

An old man made of sky goes out walking at the end of each day. In his hand, he carries a single pearl that grows with every step until, 'Gently, he gives the pearl to the silence above the sea.. A classic bedtime picture book with beautiful illustrations in Barbara Berger's unforgettable style.Author's comments:Over the years, many people have told me about the peaceful hush that comes over a child, even a roomful of children, with the reading of Grandfather Twilight. When I created the book, I could only hope that something of the serenity I feel, myself, at twilight might come through the words and art. But I never dreamed that so many children would truly love it as they do, ask for it over and over again, find solace for fears of the dark and sometimes, even for the loss of a parent or grandparent. I never dreamed that Grandfather Twilight would have such a wonderful long life as a book, nor such a wide reach among children and adults alike, from the youngest to the oldest. To this day, it seems a miracle to me.