Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine, by Rudolf Steiner
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Table of Contents Lecture IOctober 26th, 1922 Empirical science and spiritual science; the structure of the brain; the process of breathing; metabolic processes; solid, fluid, and fiery aspect of human organism; anabolic and catabolic processes.Lecture IIOctober 27th, 1922 a.m. The basis for a study of human physiology; the four members of man and their connection with the physical organism; heart and lung system; kidney system; liver and gall system; plants and their use as remedies.Lecture IIIOctober 27th, 1922 p.m. Threefold organization of the human being and forces of growth; polarity of nerve-sense and metabolic systems and the 4:1 ratio of pulse and breathing; sulfur, mercury and salt principles in plants used as remedies; tumor formation and treatment with warmth.Lecture IVOctober 28th, 1922 Iron in the human blood; relationship of silicic acid and sugar to sense organs; a direction for rational therapy; metals as remedies; man as a being of the whole cosmos.