Folksongs for the Pentatonic Flute
$ 19.95

These folksongs have been collected and arranged for playing on the Choroi Pentatonic Flute, the Choroi Children's Harp, or other instruments playing the notes: d, e, g, a, b, d, and e. They are especially useful in the transition from 'Mood of the Fifth' to our usual diatonic music in grade 3 of Waldorf schools.This collection includes North American folksongs, Spirituals, Asian Folksongs, Children's Songs and Ditties, Celtic Folksongs, English Folksongs, Rounds and Adult Folksongs.John Miles has been involved with Waldorf teacher training since 1974 in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. He has taken more than three classes through as a Waldorf class teacher, and is a well-known lecturer, evaluator and mentor in Waldorf schools.