First Grade Readiness 2nd Ed, by Nancy Blanning
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What really constitutes first grade readiness in a child?This much-requested collection of previously published and new material contains a comprehensive answer to this question. Experienced teachers, doctors, and therapists give guidance in many aspects that help in determining first grade readiness.



Part One

  • Reflections on First Grade Readiness - Nancy Blanning
  • First Grade Readiness - Joan Almon
  • Some Guidelines for First Grade Readiness - Nancy Foster
  • School Readiness: A School Doctor's Perspective - BettinaLohn, MSc
  • What are the signs that my child is ready for school? - Michaela Glöckler, MD and Wolfgang Goebel, MD
  • The Transition to Elementary School Learning: When is the right time?
  • School Entry and the Consolidation of Developmental Processes - Audrey E McAllen
  • The Development of Memory and the Transformation of Play - Louise deForest
  • Creating Partnerships with Parents in First Grade Readiness Decisions - Ruth Ker
  • Carrying the Transition to First Grade - Janet Klaar
  • A Transition Group at the Edinburgh Steiner School - Melissa Borden
  • Building the Bridge to the First Grade: How a Class Teacher Can Lead Children Gently into the Grade School - Kim Holscher
  • The Lowering of School Age and the Changes in Childhood: An Interim Report - Claudia McKeen, MD; Rainer Patzlaff; Martyn Rawson

Part Two


  • Developing Our Observation Skills for Understanding First Grade Readiness - Ruth Ker
    • First Grade Readiness Observation Form
  • The Red Queen: A First Grade Assessment Story - Valerie Poplawski, Celia Riahi, and Randi Stein
    • First Grade Readiness Observation Form
    • The Red Queen Materials List
    • Reverence List for The Red Queen
  • A Therapeutic Educator's Approach: Keeping It Imaginative and Playfully Objective - Nancy Blanning
    • First Grade Readiness Observation Form
    • Equipment List
    • Activities to Support Healthy Sensory Development
  • Observation Forms for the Documentation of Development and Learning
    • Observation Form for Early Childhood Educators
  • Contributors