Feltcraft, by Petra Berger
$ 25.00

Feltcraft, an old creative art, is being revived in many schools and homes. Felt, is a durable, flexible material made from recycled woolen scraps. Because it does not fray, it is ideal for children to work with. This book includes detailed, step-by-step instructions for a range of lively and creative ideas, such as small dolls, finger and glove puppets, animals, finger- and wrist-bands, small gifts, and even wall tapestries. Petra Berger offers detailed instructions for a range of fun and creative projects using felt. Continuing a tradition that she remembers from her grandmother, she has tried all these ideas on her own children.This is an excellent guide for handwork and kindergarten teachers and for parents who want to engage their children in healthy, creative play. This revised edition of Feltcraft, now in a larger-format, will be even easier and clearer to use than the bestselling first edition.