Eurythmy Shoes, Black Cloth
$ 18.00

*Note-- we find these shoes run small across sizes and most people benefit sizing up one to two sizes from their standard shoe size. Please refer to foot size measurements in mm or inches to estimate best fit. 

Size 32/US 13.5--for foot sizes 179mm/7.05 inches

Size 33/US 1--for foot sizes 182mm/7.17 inches

Size 38/US 6--for foot sizes 215mm/8.46 inches

Size 46/US 12--for foot sizes 275mm/10.83 inches

Size 47/US 13--for foot sizes 281mm/11.06 inches

Size 48/US 14--for foot sizes 286mm/11.26 inches

Size 49/US  --for foot sizes 298mm/11.73 inches