Esoteric Lessons 1910-1912, by Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by Christopher Bamford
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This second volume of the Esoteric Lessons covers the three years from January 1910 and December 1912. It includes all the lessons Rudolf Steiner gave to members of the Esoteric School as he traveled, lecturing, from city to city. The focus of the lessons is inner work, praxis. They present us with a holy seriousness and the possibility of intimacy with the spiritual worlds: we learn to enter ourselves and to unite with the universal spirit. To do so, we are taught that two things are needed: first, we must trust patiently and with inner truthfulness in the process; second, we must learn to transform the attitudes that threaten our worthiness-doubt, superstition, and egoism. Anyone interested in inner work will be abundantly enriched by Rudolf Steiner's Esoteric Lessons.