Early Readers, Set of 6, by Shelley Davidow
$ 29.95

Set includes:

  • Sam Cat and Nat Rat
  • Ned and Fred
  • Len Bug and Jen Slug
  • Jake the Snake
  • Tim's Boat
  • Kay and Jay

These early readers are phonetically based and contain stories that young children will find enjoyable and entertaining. Each story has a beginning, middle and an ending. The stories are gently humorous while honoring nature, animals and the environment.The six books use simple words that the early reader will easily grasp. They have been carefully chosen by a reading specialist to help students advance from the short vowels to the silent 'e' to the vowel combinations. At the back of this book is a list of sight words that should be reviewed with the child before reading the book.

We recommend these books be read in this order:

Sam Cat & Nat Rat, Ned and Fred, Len Bug & Jen Slug, Jake the Snake, Tim's Boat, and Kay and Jay.