Dragonsblood, by Eugene Schwartz
$ 14.95

Dragonsblood is at once a story of persistence and courage, a fable about ecology, and an epic tale that spans continents and centuries. It begins with a group of chidren battling a dragon in medieval Europe and ends with the aftermath of a disastrous oil spill in Alaska. Are those two events, so distant in time and space, somehow connected? Can a dragon be slain, or must he be overcome time and again?The powerful themes of Eugene Schwartz's story are enhanced by Kris Carlson's dramatic blackboard drawings, marking the first time that this medium has been used in book illustration.Author Eugene Schwartz is the author of a number of books on child development and pedagogy. He taught at the Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, New York, for two decades. Today, he is an international lecturer on Waldorf education and aschool consultant.