Creating a Culture of Awareness, by Betty Staley
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From the Abstract: There are many incidents that occur in society that demonstrate adolescents need help in social skills. They need to develop empathy for others, to master their impulses, and to learn how to communicate their feelings to others. However, there is no curriculum to address these issues. This project offers a curriculum based on the developmental stages of adolescence, relates social and communication skill development to major curricular themes, and helps the adolescent gain insight into his or her own behavior as well as relationships with others. (Italics added)....Specific exercises are offered in this project that can be used to develop appropriate skills. The exercises can be incorporated into weekly class meetings or be included in a separate class. A plan is set forth for training teachers in the exercises so that they can act as facilitators with their classes.The author has practiced many of these skills with young adults, and has used her many years of experience with high school students to adapt the exercises. Some of the exercises are drawn from Group Dynamics experts, and others are developed by the author to address the specific need.