Crafting a Felt Farm by Rotraud Reinhard:
$ 12.47

A unique craft book in two parts. Learn to make a felted farm and enjoy an illustrated story! 

The crafting section contains step-by-step instructions, complete with beautiful color photographs, showing how to make an entire farm with a variety of needle-felted animals, people, and buildings. 

The illustrated story takes those characters, animals, and settings and tells a tale of a fun-filled day on the farm. 

Crafters might choose to make a only a few animals to supplement an existing farm set, and the entire farm makes a wonderful project for both children and adults. Children can make simple items and animals, and adults can tackle the more intricate projects. 

Throughout this felting guide, experienced felter Rotraud Reinhard provides tips and tricks for working with felt and bringing color and life to your farm.