Constructing the Universe Activity Book 3, by Michael Schneider
$ 29.95

From the author of A Beginner's Guide to Constructing The Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science- a perennial favorite of Waldorf teachers and homeschool parents- comes the accompanying activity books!Active involvement, not just reading, is the key phrase for this highly illustrated book about the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Mean. It's for teachers of children and adults who are looking for hands-on activities to explore these fascinating topics. It also has great value for artists, architects, craftspeople and designers who wish to see how the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Mean have been applied to art since pre-dynastic Egypt.The main idea behind the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Mean, besides building on the recent past, is harmony. These numbers and shapes grow in patterns which also appear in the harmonious designs of nature and in the proportions of great art. The book's underlying theme is interconnected unity, wholeness, balance and stability during growth and change. The idea of harmony weaves through every page.This book has four parts:* The Fibonacci Numbers, demonstrating the underlying principles of this harmony through "Figurate" arithmetic, representing numbers as piles of beans.* Fibonacci Numbers In Nature, showing where, how and why these principles are expressed in living growth, with plenty of activities suggested.* Geometry of the Golden Mean, teaching geometric skills for exploring patterns in nature and art. Get your compass!* The Golden Mean In Art, seeing how the Golden Mean was applied to art, and with many hands-on examples to explore.