Coming of Age Curriculum Series: Human Fertility, by Linda Knodle
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WC: Adolescence

This curriculum gives an opportunity for both student and teacher to address the social, emotional and spiritual questions that arise in every human being at puberty. It provides discussion, reflection, experience, and artistic expression in support for meeting many of the challenges of teens. It is a comprehensive education about the social issues in our American culture and a detailed explanation of the physiology of the reproductive organs and processes.

This book contains color and black and white illustrations with detailed instructions and resources to present fifteen complete lessons.During the first week of this curriculum, the Human Fertility lessons allow the students to inquire into the retrospective efforts of parents and teachers in their community. It builds shared experiences and draw upon the wisdom of adults seeking to foster the teen's adolescent development. Students explore the relationships of cultural, familial and personal history with regard to pubescence and adolescence. Discussions take place surveying the opportunities and challenges facing today's youth in America through discussion and presentations by the students of current cultural images & messages. Lessons investigate stereotyping and gender bias.The lessons of the second and third weeks help the students discover the signs of puberty common to both boys and girls. Puberty includes the changes socially, physically, in the soul and intellect.

Out of this groundwork a discussion ensues covering the growth and development of the creative cycle in the female human being. The students receive a thorough presentation of the organs and processes of the reproductive systems of the male and female. The first three months of human embryology is also briefly presented. The students are challenged to reflect on when they think human life begins. The lessons conclude with a discussion about genetics and bioengineering and the moral, ethical and legal problems that arise from these topics.