Come Follow Me CD Volume 2, by Lorraine Nelson Wolf
$ 16.95

Lorraine Nelson Wolf continues her approach of providing gentle, nature
orientated songs about the change of seasons. Wolf's music hails a less
hurried time, where childhoods were lived outside, in wonder and
reverence for the natural world. 

Volume 2 presents more delightful songs including: * Early One Morning. * 'All the Birds. * 'I Had a Little Nut Tree. * 'Blow Wind, Blow. * 'The Pine Tree Swing. * 'I Walk with My Little Lantern. * 'Saint Martin. * 'Autumn Goodbye. * 'On a Frosty Morning. * 'Chickadee. * 'Sleep, O Sleep. * 'Whippoorwill. * and more ...Simply and beautifully arranged with harp, piano, accordion, or guitar accompaniment.