Cante, Cante, Elefante! Sing, Sing, Elephant!
$ 24.95

This bilingual songbook is for teachers, parents, home-schoolers and anyone who loves music and loves to sing!The music from Spanish-speaking countries in this songbook is filled with love, joy, hope and a deep, warmth of heart. I found as I was singing and learning these songs, I was more able to sing from my own heart. It was as if the songs themselves were born in the hearts of the people who wrote and sang them and that heart energy which emanates from the songs is tangible when singing them!- Mary Thienes-Schunemann, AuthorThis songbook includes:* interactive songs for little ones* singing games for children of all ages* informative articles on bilingualism* a teaching CD of all the songs in the songbook* guitar chords

A CD is includedas a learning aid for those who do not read music and learn best by ear. Listen and sing alonguntil youlearn them byheart!