Birth and Breastfeeding, Michael Odent
$ 22.00

In our society, childbirth is often feared and even avoided through elective caesarian or extreme pain management. In this uplifting book, the author applies esoteric knowledge to present practical ways of transforming a sometimes difficult experience into one that is positive and deeply spiritual.

Kristina looks closely at the physical processes that occur in the body during pregnancy and childbirth and explains factors behind hospital procedures and the options for home birth, providing readers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices. She belives that birthing should be seen as a unified process, beginning with the months of pregnancy, through labor, and to the many months of breastfeeding. All three stages contribute to developing the bond between mother and child and the child’s emotional function.

The author also writes beautifully about the sacred mystery inherent in conception and pregnancy and guides new mothers toward conscious participation in the spiritual process of bringing new life into this world. Natural Birth is both very practical and hugely inspiring and an excellent gift for the expectant mother.