America and Americanism, by F. W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven
$ 6.95

"A view of America from a very insightful visitor.This little work attempts to give the reader a brief knowledge of the nature of the American people. The author had been to America three times during which he made extended journeys throughout the country lecturing at universities as well as for social and scientific organizations. He was able thereby to discover how difficult it is to become truly familiar with the so very complex American people."

--from the Preface

"Anyone interested in seeing America in a new light would benefit from reading this book. Zeylmans does not come to his conclusions philosophically; rather, with him, we learn to read the phenomenology, the signs of the times, through which wider vistas become apparent. America is truly the New World. Spiritually, it has to grow up so that it can play its part fully in the world of the future. Out of the darkness that still obtains in spite of the light-filled promise, the spiritual America is emerging into consciousness and freedom. At the beginning of the third century of its development, it is awakening to its true task in the world."

--Rene Querido

Willem Zeylmans van Emmichoven (1893-1961) was a Dutch psychologist who worked closely with Rudolf Steiner. His research led him particularly into the influence of colors on the human being and the psychology of peoples and nations.