Alpha Beta Book, by Keith McCrary, BA, MDiv
$ 18.00

WC: Grade 5

Included are pictographs for the letters of the Greek alphabet and ample opportunities to learn about many Greek words that have English 'cousins.. Besides learning to count to twenty, you can recite the first lines of Homer's Odyssey, some well-known philosophical sayings, and much more, plus learn a little history along the way. You can be amused while learning some Ancient Greek and, perhaps if you pay close attention, you'll even be amazed. After reading this little book, you may well understand a good bit more than you had before because it IS Greek to you. CD is included: Audio lessons to accompany the material in the book: Introduction: 'Go with me to a distant land.. Learning the Greek alphabet (and singing it to the traditional alphabet song) Counting from 1 to 20 Philosophical sayings and excerpts from literature: Homer's The Odyssey, the Prayer to Zeus (recited at the opening of the fifth grade pentathlon), first lines of The Gospel of John with musical interludes and a farewell Run time: approx 40 minutes