A Round of Rounds, By Brien Masters
$ 9.95
With full English and German texts, this delightful and truly unique volume of original rounds comes complete with lyrics, musical score, rehearsal notes and an introduction. The set ranges in difficulty from pieces which can be readily learnt by a class of children to others which will be more suitable for an experienced choral group.

The composition of the 52 rounds reflects the cycle of events in nature, presenting us with the opportunity to 're-enter the wealth of experience that arises from and streams through nature's annual round'. In its varying moods, the music also expresses the year's breathing, thereby offering something of what lives beyond the mere crust of sense experience...

Brien Masters was an experienced teacher and musician. He was co-chairman of the Steiner Schools Fellowship and editor of Child and Man - the major journal for Rudolf Steiner education in the English-speaking world. He directed two teacher training courses for Rudolf Steiner - Waldorf - education and has had collections of his poems and songs published.

This book was originally published by Temple Lodge Publishing.