A Journey through Time, by William A. Bryant
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Explores the many levels of meaning in life's rhythms, illustrated by biographies of many famous people.Some of the themes addressed include:Time, Destiny, Suffering; Elements of the Anthroposophical View of Humanness; The Rhythms of Affinity; The Orchestration of Rhythm; Separation and Reconciliation; Charts-Cosmic ages, Nine development stages; Recapitulations; Hope, Courage and Love; Awakening soul; Life Spirit, the autumnal fruiting; Faith and interest; Poised between dream and reality; Through the dark wood; Moon Nodes and Other Planetary Connections ; The Significance of the Mid-point; Sacrifice; Callings William A. Bryant, born and raised in the West Country of England, has devoted his professional life to Waldorf education in South Africa, Europe and the United States as a teacher of both children and adults.