Trumpets of Happiness&Stories
$ 12.95

Following on from his popular first reader, Patter-Paws the Fox, Masters presents us with twelve more stories for school-age readers. This time his exuberant tales are related more closely to the modern, urban experience of city dwellers. We are introduced to many new and delightful characters, both animal and human, such as Rory the guide dog and his master Scotty, Trevor the puzzled postman, Wriggly-Caterpillar, and Fudge-fed Bee. Once again, the narratives are complemented by the inspiring illustrations of Brian Gold. 

As with his earlier book, the author has taken great care in crafting structure and style, with the intention of building self-confidence for children when they read. The stories are ranked according to certain principles, and the visual elements of the text has been carefully considered.