From Norway: Teaching History through the grades
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This Waldorf Journal Project is a translation of important themes and articles on Waldorf education from foreign journals:

A Phenomenological Approach to the Subject of History by Oddvar Granly
Fairy Tales and Legends by Jens Bjorneboe
Through the Golden Forest by Leif Warenskjold
What about the Old Testament? by Dan Lindholm
Moses by Karl Brodersen
Francis of Assisi by Dan Lindholm
Sparta and Athens by Jorgen Smit
The Romans by Christian Faye Smit
Jeanne d'Arc, an Enigmatic Figure in the Middles Ages by Jorgen Borgen
I and the Others, Strengthening a Seventh Grader's Relationship to the World through History and Geography by David Brierley
Modern History in Light of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution by Sven Bohn
The Ninth Grade and the French Revolution by Hans-Jorgen Hoinaes
The Minute Man, an Aphorism of the True American Spirit by Wolfgang Schuster, M.D.
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