Boundaries of Natural Science, by Rudolf Steiner
$ 14.95

The widespread penetration of twenty-first century life by modern science has created a troubling gulf between the inner experience of human consciousness and the external scientific investigation of the physical world. This is reflected in the "mind-body split" in our modern times. These two "worlds" collide again and again in our daily experience. Increasing efforts are expended to order modern society "scientifically." Yet, as Nobel prize-winning author Saul Bellow states in his lucid foreword, "the scientific method... is powerless to explain the consciousness that directs it." For this crucial dilemma, Rudolf Steiner suggests a solution beyond the "boundaries of natural science." Steiner argues for a twofold extension of consciousness. The first involves mental disciplines leading to a pure, sense-free thought activity. The second requires the mind to learn how to set aside thinking and give itself over to pure perception. Both exercises can lead to the development of higher cognitive faculties that enable us to grasp the vital connections between the inner and outer realms.