Rests and Repetition in Music by Christopher Peter
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Having taught at the Hanover Waldorf School for 22 years, Christoph Peter became Director of Music at the Stuttgart Teacher's Seminary. He was composer, promoter, performer and author whose magnum opus, Die Sprache der Musik in Mozarts "Zauberflote", was published (in German) by Verlag Freies Geistesleben in 1983. This massive volume explores the intricacies of Mozart's Magic Flute. Rests and Repetitions in Music was written before the major work, reflecting the author's more general exploration of these phenomena. For eurythmists, the import of the 'rest', the absence of sound, and its position between and relationships to the sounds before and after is fundamental. So, too, is the effect of repetition. This book is a useful analytical tool for those training, or already working, as eurythmists.