Dancing Through School Vol I, by Donna Burgess
$ 34.95

Dancing Through School! is a unique resource for bringing folk dance into elementary school classrooms and home schools in a way that is simple and fun for both teachers and students. Donna Burgess has developed an easy-to-follow method of introducing folk dance that is based on over twenty years of experience teaching dance to children.

All the tools that a teacher needs are included in the book:

  • clear dance notations with a comprehensive glossary
  • instructions that include a 'pattern in brief' for the dance, cues for students, and detailed descriptions of each step
  • complete musical scores for each dance
  • pedagogical and cultural notes
  • helpful tips for teachers on playing music, introducing new dances, partnering etiquette and more
  • a beautiful companion CD with music for every dance in the book.

The book presents fifteen dances, some with alternate versions, suitable for children in grades three through seven. These dances have been carefully chosen for both their developmental appropriateness and their proven popularity with children. Donna's goal in writing Dancing Through School! is to encourage and empower teachers and parents, who may not have dance experience, to bring the many benefits of folk dance into their classroom, into their homes, and into their community life.

Donna has been a longtime faculty member at Live Oak Waldorf School and a guest instructor at Rudolf Steiner College and at many Waldorf Schools and Waldorf-inspired charter schools.