The Genius of Play: Celebrating the Spirit of Childhood, By Sally Jenkins
$ 15.95

Children move like quick fire from the fantastic to the everyday, when free to express the genius of play. The Genius of Play addresses what play is, why it matters, and how modern life endangers children’s play. Here is an outspoken Children’s Play Charter for parents and teachers, which celebrates the playful spirit of childhood. Sally Jenkinson asks:

  • What do children express in their play?
  • How does play develop empathy and social skills?
  • How are children influenced by inappropriate toys, TV and consumerism?
  • How does play develop children’s imaginations?
  • Why do children need adults who encourage play?
  • How do lively childhood players become creative adult thinkers?

Sally Jenkinson is an advocate for the importance of children’s play. Mother and former Steiner Waldorf kindergarten teacher, Sally lectures, writes and advises on early childhood issues. She is a founder member of the Alliance for Childhood.