Painting with Children, by Brunhild Muller
$ 15.95

When we paint with colors, we should paint in such a way that we are conscious that we are calling forth life from what is dead.' -Rudolf SteinerMy orange is so happy, he wants to jump everywhere.' -a four-year-old girlA vital factor in every child's development is the stimulation of active imagination and creativity. This book presents ideas that encourage self-expression through the medium of watercolors.Fundamental and practical, this book is based on Goethe's color theory, showing that painting with children is more than merely a form of self-expression-Brunhild Muller encourages the reader to understand children's fantasies and inner being through their artworks.This is an essential guide for parents and teachers. It covers preparation, color stories and poems, and painting the moods of nature and seasons of the year.