Teaching Mathematics, by Roy Wilkinson
$ 13.95

Mathematics, in the context of the classroom, often seems to be a trivial affair of counting and measuring, but in itself it has wide-ranging implications. The teacher who dwells a little on these will be in a position to convey the material to his or her pupils in a much more extensive and interesting way than one who takes a more superficial attitude. Mathematics, the science of space and number, is something universal and all-embracing. Its manifestations are to be found everywhere, sometimes apparent, sometimes less apparent; but, like all nature, it will reveal itself to the inquiring mind.


  • 1st and 2nd grade: From the whole to the parts, Number symbols, Pictorial introduction to the four processes, Rhythms, Number games, Geometry in drawing and movement
  • 3rd grade: Measurement, Derivation of terms
  • 4th grade: Fractions, Factors, Ratio and proportion
  • 5th grade: Families of numbers, Decimals
  • 6th grade: Squaring, cubing, square and cube roots; Geometrical figures; pi; Percentage and interest
  • 7th grade: Algebra, Graphs, Golden ratio, Progressions, Pythagorean theorem
  • 8th grade: Platonic solids, Algebraic fractions

Roy Wilkinson was an indefatigable teacher of children, lecturer, author, and inspirer of many people in the Waldorf movement in the UK and abroad, right up to his death at the age of 90 in 2007.