Making Math Meaningful: An 11th and 12th Grade Workbook Teacher's Edition
$ 20.00

By waiting until this point to begin Cartesian geometry, the 11th grader is ready to fully absorb this important topic, and this workbook does it in depth with four separate units. Through a year and a half of study, this workbook weaves together Cartesian geometry, trigonometry, complex numbers, and other key topics found in traditional algebra II and precalculus courses, and ends with two great units of calculus. Any student completing this book is poised to study anything in college!

The units covered in this workbook are:

Cartesian Geometry, Part I                   Logarithms, Part III

Trigonometry, Part II                            Complex Numbers, Part II

Complex Numbers, Part I                     Trigonometry, Part IV

Cartesian Geometry, Part II                  Cartesian Geometry, Part IV

Possibility & Probability, Part II             Calculus, Part II

Cartesian Geometry, Part III                 Problem Solving Exercises