Benjamin Breaking Barriers, by Malva Tarasewicz
$ 18.95

Reviews for Benjamin Breaking Barriers: 'Truly inspiring and engaging. I recommend that any parent whose child has special needs or any professional who works with these families read this book. It will give them hope and perspective on what is possible.. Dr. Robert Melillo-chiropractic neurologist and bestselling author of Disconnected Kids; Reconnected Kids; Autism: The Scientific Truth; co.founder Brain Balance Achievement Centers'Benjamin Breaking Barriers touches the core. That the arts may bring forth speech and are expressive of the human being that playfully engages and learns, is this book's discovery. That we make ourselves through art is its revelation. In her choice of artistic activities that bring forth Benjamin's personality and through which he develops his capacities, Malva works with that which is intrinsic to us as human beings, that human ground between play and discipline, the loving interest that awakens as it engages in what it discovers. This book breaks boundaries for us readers too.. Glenda Monasch-eurythmy therapist and co-founder of Sound Circle Eurythmy