Your One-Year-Old, by Louise Bates Ames, Frances L. Ilg, and Carol C. Haber
$ 16.00

The child from twelve to twenty-four months of age is a joy to have around - some of the time, that is. This child is growing at an incredible rate, learning to walk, learning to touch, learning to love, and learning to say 'No!' for the first time. All of this can be quite a handful for the new parent.In this first book in the series from the renowned Gesell Institute, which includes Your One-Year-Old through Your Ten- to Fourteen-Year-Old, the authors discuss all important questions that concern the twelve to twenty-four-month-old child. They examine the various stages of development between infancy and toddlerhood: what new things the child can do; how the child acts with parents and other people; what the child thinks and feels.