The Waldorf Parenting Handbook, by Lois Cusick
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I have put together my experience with that of Waldorf school teachers and schools and anthroposophical doctors and psychiatrists. There is one important caveat about this reportage: every single Waldorf school teacher and school is different from every other one in many ways and so this manual is more of an impressionistic collage than a sharp photo. ?Lois CusickContents:1. The Child is Born-Hereditary/Genetic Stream and the Self; Embryonic Sheaths and Threefold Nature of the Child2. The First Three Years-Growing Down; Walking, Talking, Thinking3. The Temperaments-Fourfold Bodily Nature; The Developmental Sequence of Juvenile Temperaments4. Fantasy and Fact in Early Childhood-Circle of the Senses; Mechanical Fantasy and Language; Nursery School5. How: Methods and the Three R's-Writing Before Reading; Arithmetic; Main Lesson; The Spoken WordArts and Crafts6. The Magic Years: First to Third Grade-Fairy Tale Meaning and Language; Sequence of the Curriculum7. Grades Four to Seven-Animal Study; History;Plants; The Twelfth Year and the Fall into the Point; Acoustics; Color8. Puberty: Birth of the Self-Seventh and Eighth Grade Polarities; Adolescence; High SchoolLois Cusick had a long career as a Waldorf teacher in the United States and took special interest in bringing an understanding of the Waldorf approach to parents.