The Parenting Toolkit by Caroline Penney
$ 22.00

Parenting is often seen as a skill that is instinctive and doesn’t need to be learned. However, many parents and guardians can benefit enormously from learning child-sensitive techniques that help them reflect on their parenting. 

The Parenting Toolkit is a unique and valuable resource for parents and guardians who want to give their children the best possible start in life. It is especially relevant today, when families are under so much social pressure. Caroline Penney draws on her years of experience of facilitating parenting groups and working as a family therapist to present the techniques clearly. She explains how to help your children become confident, capable, caring, and able to reach their full potential, as well as offering advice on how to ensure that you are getting all the self-care that you need to be a good parent. 

Illustrated throughout with warm and witty illustration by Kate Hajducka.