Star Children: Understanding Children who set us Special Tasks and Challenges, By Georg Kuhlewind
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Parenting General / Curative Remedial Special Needs

'While working on this book the following happened to me: As I checked in at the airport in Hamburg a young couple was in front of me, and the mother had a three-to-four-month old baby in her arms. All of a sudden the baby turned round, looked me straight in the eye, and I was deeply shaken; for that was not the look of a baby but of a very self-aware adult, a wise one, and he appeared to see right through me...' Who are the 'star children'? In recent years there has been much written about 'gifted' children with special abilities ('indigo children', 'crystal children', etc.). Such children, it is said, are coming to earth to help humanity in its development.

Based on extensive research, Georg Kuhlewind confirms that this new generation has been incarnating among us for the past couple of decades. This event, he states, is one of the most important of our age. Unlike many other contributors to this debate, Kuhlewind gives us the necessary background with which to follow experientially what he has to say.