You Wanted to Know What a Waldorf School Is . . . and What It Is Not, by Alan Howard
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A very helpful introduction.We asked our respected friend, Alan Howard, who has a broad experience on two continents in the field of Waldorf education, both as a Class Teacher and as an Administrator, to write a brief exposition in the form of a dialogue between an interested parent and a Waldorf school teacher with some years of experience. We hope that this publication will serve to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been brought to our attention in letters, telephone conversations and in-person meetings with those earnestly searching for answers to their questions about Waldorf education. ?Nathan and Yolanda MelnikerContents: How Waldorf Education Came to Be; The Learning Experience; Education as an Art; Some More Intimate Aspects; School/Community Relationships; About High School; After High SchoolAlan Howard was a teacher in public and Waldorf schools in England for about 35 years and editor of Child and Man, a magazine for Waldorf education in Great Britain. He emigrated to Canada to help found the first Waldorf school in Toronto. After retiring from teaching, he relocated to Vancouver and wrote for anthroposophical journals and lectured for the Anthroposophical Society throughout North America.