Reading Children's Drawings, by Audrey McAllen
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This study of children's graphic ability has been made in relation to Rudolf Steiner's spiritual scientific observation of the human being. His observation encompasses the physically unseen spiritual dynamics behind form and growth-the archetypal members of the human being. Therefore we need to be conscious that we are seeing deep and sacred processes being shown us by the child.


  • The Human Star: Number Relationships of the Physical Structure of the Human Being
  • The Structural and Constitutional Bodies and their Development: Birth to Seven Years
  • Analysis of the Person-House-Tree Drawings
  • Colors
  • Qualities of the Colors that Appear when Working with Extra Lesson Exercises, by Joep Eikenboom
  • Review and Observations for Research
  • Examples and Case Studies, by Ingun Schneider

Audrey McAllen is an English Waldorf teacher who has spent a lifetime developing ways to help children who have learning difficulties. She based her work on study of Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding spiritual aspects of human development and on her observation of and practical work with many children.