Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour, by Susan Perrow
$ 25.00


* A resource for families and professionals who work with children in challenging situations

* More than fifty stories to help deal with a range of common 'challenging behaviors'

* A story-making model to help readers create their own stories to address challenging behaviors

Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour offers a creative approach to helping children who are facing trauma or other difficulties in their life. This collection of modern and traditional folk tales includes stories for behavior difficulties, such as dishonesty, stealing, bullying, and fighting. Also included are stories to help with challenging situations such as moving to a new house, a new baby in the family, nightmares, illness, and grieving.

Each story in Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour is introduced with notes and suggestions for ways to use them. Also included is a guide to help parents and teachers create their own healing stories.A great book for emotional first aid.