Soul Weaving, by Betty Staley
$ 23.95

Soul Weaving invites you to weave a design for your soul's journey, bringing together the colors and textures of your personality to reveal its pattern and meaning. A comprehensive introduction to the temperaments, archetypes and soul qualities as defined by Rudolf Steiner, Soul Weaving helps us to better understand ourselves and our relationship to the world.

Soul Weaving shows you how to:

  • transform your temperament
  • realize and integrate your soul type
  • understand the influences of archetypal points of view
  • make Life changes
  • choose a spiritual path
  • lead a balanced life
  • cultivate love
  • and much more!
A companion to Tapestries, this is a lively and authoritative introduction to spiritual psychology. Betty is also the author of the best seller Between Form and Freedom: A Practical Guide to the Teenage Years, which has been translated into Dutch, German, and Japanese.An accessible psychology and self-help book, Soul Weaving will interest counselors, teachers, educators, doctors, students, and seminar leaders.