Questions and Answers on Reincarnation and Karma, by Rene Querido
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A practical introduction to this topic.Contents: Meaning of Reincarnation; Wisdom of the East Rejected by Christianity? What is the Ego? Heredity and Environment; What is Destiny, or Karma? Illness; Accidents; Reincarnation and Destiny in Everyday Life; Freedom and Necessity; Why do we not remember previous earth lives? Life between Death and Rebirth; Karma and Reincarnation: Social ImplicationsRene Querido (1926?2004) was multi-national. He taught, lectured, and wrote on Waldorf education and various anthroposophical themes in French, German, Dutch, and English. Active in Waldorf education throughout his adult life, he founded and advised Waldorf schools in several countries and served as director of Rudolf Steiner College in California for fourteen years. Mr. Querido lectured worldwide on topics related to Rudolf Steiner's work