New View Magazine: Spring 2020 Issue 95
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New View magazine was first published in 1996 and today it offers a fresh look at the world and ourselves. Four times a year, New View brings together a unique collection of articles on many aspects of modern life. Published quarterly at Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas, bringing news and contemporary insights based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Regular items include: World events, Community, Health, Education, Self-development, Arts, Science, Environment, Biodynamic-Agriculture, Book and Film Reviews and much more….

Current Issue: 95

  • Coronavirus Parallels: An Easter Article
  • Poem: The Second Coming of Pharoah
  • The Fall from Paradise and its Redemption by Christ
  • Poem: Oh Father
  • A Story from the Childhood and Adolescence of Waldorf Education in China
  • Defending Waldorf Education in England’s Courts: Some Background
  • Letters from Parents
  • The Spiritual-Scientific View of Some Causes behind the Present Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Seeds of a New-Born World
  • Poem: That Thou the Devil Come to Know
  • A Personal Story - Searching for the Balanced Life
  • Poem: In the Balance
  • Uncaging the Senses
  • Understanding the Voice of Our Inner Child
  • Chill Revisited
  • The Study of World Events - Cosmology and the Coronavirus
  • A Moving Picture at the National Film Theatre