Goethe's Message of Beauty in our 20th Century World, by Friedrich Hiebel
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How beauty can help to heal the heart.Our contemporary world suffers from a form of heart disease. The organ of rhythm, regulator of the pulse and animator of the breath, is the holy guardian who watches over our feelings of awe and wonder, love and compassion, and awakens us to awareness of our conscience. The bulwark of the heart protects the mystery of beauty, on whose safekeeping the dignity of the human being depends. . Friedrich Hiebel, when he was 18 years old, met Rudolf Steiner for the first time. He earned a doctorate in German Literature, History and Comparative Linguistics. He taught at Waldorf schools in Europe and the United States and at several US universities. Dr. Hiebel is the author of many books and essays, including The Gospel of Hellas and Time of Decision with Rudolf Steiner.