Agriculture, by Rudolf Steiner
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Rudolf Steiner and Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer
Translated and Edited by Malcolm Ian Gardner
Translated by Catherine E. Creeger 

326 pp.   
6" x 9" 
Illustrations: 8 color plates 



8 lectures plus additional discussions and materials, Koberwitz, June 7-16, 1924 (CW 327)

In 1924, following repeated requests, Steiner gave this lecture course to a group of seasoned farmers. His intention was not to teach them about farming per se, but to supplement their existing good farming practices with a spiritual understanding of the forces of nature. 

Considered by many to be the most remarkable lectures Steiner ever gave, they offer profound insights into the nature of the farm organism, the plant and animal world, the nature of organic chemistry, and the influences of heavenly bodies. Without devaluing the importance of the chemical constituents of material substance, Steiner emphasized the greater significance of the forces that shape, or form, those constituents of living nature. He identified many of these forces and described specific practices and preparations that enable farmers and gardeners to work in harmony with them. 

This edition, with extensive notes and appendices, gathers all of the material related to Steiner’s agriculture course, including the lectures and discussions; his handwritten notes, diagrams, and illustrations; color plates of his blackboard drawings; and further agricultural suggestions from Steiner. Included are several important sections that were previously unavailable in English.