A Contemplation about Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul, by H. D. van Goudoever
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"Insights gained over many years in the practice of meditation.Those who ever had the good fortune to hear H.D. van Goudoever speak about practicing the spiritual life will probably have felt as I did: here is one who speaks with authority; on these subjects he is 'one who stands within.' The present volume is a modest work. Perhaps we should say it is but a sample, really, a great bounty of insight matured and presented by Goudoever about the Calendar of the Soul over the years. And yet, precisely because of the depth of background out of which they issue, these few thoughts can be valued seriously. After all, those who try to live with the verses of the Calendar of the Soul, whether for years already or just beginning, can only be grateful whenever a work like this appears that helps us enter into their contents with more awareness."

 -- from the Foreword

H. D. van Goudoever was a musician and a very active lecturer in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe on many anthroposophical themes, especially Rudolf Steiner's mystery dramas and the Soul Calendar.