A Life For the Spirit, by Henry Barnes
$ 18.95
Until his death in 1925, in countless lectures and books, Steiner created the body of knowledge and practice known as “anthroposophy,” which not only challenged and extended the underlying methods of modern knowledge, but stimulated many practical cultural initiatives such as: Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, the art of eurythmy, the movement for a threefold social order, and anthroposophical medicine.

Henry Barnes recounts the dynamic life of this remarkable man. He does so by placing Steiner in the crosscurrents of history and showing him not as a spectator or ivory-tower philosopher, but as a leading actor in the drama, one whose entire being was given in service to humanity and to the spirit.

  • Foreword by Robert McDermott
  • Introduction: In Search of a New Thinking
  • The Twentieth Century: Battleground for Human Individuality
  • Child of Middle Europe: Biographical Foundations
  • The Weimar Years: Nietzsche, Steiner, and the Redemption of Thinking
  • The Years of Inner Testing : Berlin
  • The Work Unfolds
  • The Building Rises
  • Insight Becomes Life: The Three fold Movement for Social Reform
  • The First Waldorf School and the Independence of Education
  • The Healing Arts
  • Religious Renewal
  • Out of Fire
  • Renewal from Within: The Christmas Foundation
  • Months of Grace
  • Afterword: The Battle Continues—What Can I Do?