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Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Product of the Week

Meteoric Iron Prunus Immune Support
Meteoric Iron Prunus

In honor of the IPMT conference on campus this week, our featured product is one of our favorite Uriel remedy!

These pellets relieve symptoms of flu, tiredness or exhaustion, especially when feeling run down or during convalescence after an illness. For best results, take at first indication of symptoms. May take regularly throughout flu season. Contains homeopathic potencies of meteoric iron, blackthorn, echinacea, phosphorus and quartz.

Book of the Week

Blessed By Illness, by L.F.C Mees
Blessed By Illness, by L.F.C. Mees

The prevailing attitude in modern medicine is that illness should not exist. Consequently, millions of research dollars pour each year into medical science and technology in the hope of eradicating various sicknesses and diseases. Patients and doctors alike suffer the terrible consequences of this impossible quest for material perfection. Yet, there is an alternate view―that human beings and human evolution are great enough to include "illness" as an essential part of existence.

Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

In our small shop in Fair Oaks, and on our web site, you will find an extensive book collection, featuring topics such as: Anthroposophy, Human Development, Waldorf Teacher Resources, Biodynamics and more. We also carry children's books, wooden toys, beeswax candles and unique gifts, as well as a broad range of health and wellness products, and an excellent chocolate selection from fair trade, organic, and biodynamic sources.

Upcoming Events

Book Signing for Laura Embery-Stine

Join us this Sunday, April 24th at 12pm - 2pm for a book signing by Laura Embery-Stine, a local author. Laura is the author of Clearing Forms Vol 1, Healing Forms Vol 2, and her latest book The Last True Merlin of Britain.

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